The following are the major features of the ACCENT HRP web based software


  1. Automate the recruitment process for higher work efficiency of your HR department with Accent HRP.
  2. The Human Resources department of any company has to deal with the process of posting openings, shortlisting candidates, contacting them and lining up interviews daily. How about automating the process and making their job less tedious?
  3. Get quick, get modern, get automated, get Accent HRP – the cutting-edge, end-to-end Human Resource Management tool. Designed to make the hectic HR jobs easier, Accent HRP is the brainchild of the veterans of the industry.Read More
  1. Manage the cycle of your organization’s resources with ease from the time of hiring till retiring with Accent HRP.
  2. Accent HRP is a complete life cycle, customizable and technologically advanced tool that records even the minutest details of an employee right from the day they are contacted for a role till the time they retire.
  3. The tool helps in enhancing the efficiency of an organization’s HR department through several modules and features.Read More
  1. Manage the assets of your organization and get to know about their status with Asset Management.
  2. Keeping eye on all the assets of an organization and ensuring that they are in the best of condition is a difficult task for the admin.
  3. Automate the process; get Accent HRP, the holistic solution imperative for enhancing the workflow of an organization. Read More
  1. Leverage systematized global leave management & attendance regularization through Biometrics Integration with Accent HRP.
  2. Accent HRP’s leave module helps a company’s HR department keep an exact track of employees’ leaves (casual, sick, annual, comp off, leave without pay)and related details.
  3. Accent HRP’s attendance module offers huge flexibility in characterizing attendance processes. Read More
  1. Quick, efficient and comprehensive payroll administration and management with in-built statutory compliance.
  2. Designed by industry experts having thorough knowledge of the domain, Accent HRP is an all-inclusive efficient Payroll management tool.
  3. The tool complies with the statutory guidelines and expedites the time-consuming job of payroll administration and processing. Read More
  1. Customize dashboard and generate a curve bell analysis to assess and manage your employees’ performance as per your company’s KRA weight ages and norms.
  2. Although staff appraisal is a yearly event, it gets extremely hectic when the time comes. Several companies, appraise their employees’ salaries at the beginning of the financial year and during that period, the Human Resources team have to work at a stretch. Save them from the overburden of work with Accent HRP.
  3. An exclusive tool meant to ease the life of HR professionals, Accent HRP is as comprehensive as it can get. It allows you to customize a 180 or 360-degree performance management system as per your company’s KRA (Key Result Areas) weight ages and norms.Read More
  1. Leverage Accent HRP’s training module for end-to-end management of internal training sessions.
  2. From setting-up the course to reviewing the training, everything can be recorded and accessed simultaneously.
  3. With Accent HRP, feedback from the participants can be received online and the faculty/trainer can also rate the participant employees. Read More
  1. Modern and designed as per leading industry standards, Accent HRP comes with a module of employee self-service.
  2. With ESS employees can update their details, ask for leaves and do many other things and keep track of it, the HR department can have access to all the updated information.
  3. Let the employees take care of their responsibilities like submitting investing declarations, tax projections, etc., self-appraisal & save time of your HR team.
    Read More
  1. Employees can put in travel request, get quick approvals and claim their expenses with this feature of Accent HRP.
  2. The modules organize the process of raising an invoice and getting payment against it for expenses incurred by employees on behalf of the company.
  3. Settle employees’ travel & expense claims online and without any errors with Travel & Expense module in Accent HRP.Read More
  1. Oversee any query raised and get to know its status in real time with grievance management feature of Accent HRP.
  2. Free up the time of your Human Resources team wasted in doing tedious activities like grievance management and let them focus on other important areas with Accent HRP.
  3. A fully automated and holistic HR management system, Accent HRP allows requesting feedback, putting up a complaint and raising a query/concern. It ensures that any issue within the organization doesn’t go unnoticed and unresolved. Read More
  1. Smooth process of parting ways with an employee facilitated by Accent HRP.
  2. To ensure that things end on a good note and without any mistakes when the employee is parting ways with the organization, leverage the e-resignation module of Accent HRP.
  3. Online resignation through employee self-service module.Read More
  1. Accent HRP is a holistic tool that helps an organization’s HR department automate every process, whether it is a task as complex as payroll management or as easy a task as HR letters template.
  2. The tool was designed keeping in mind only one motto; ease the daily processes of a human resources department.
  3. Regardless of the number of branches that your company might have, the Accent HRP tool ensures consistency in the template of the letters issued.Read More
  1. Facilitate your employees to apply for leaves and access their important information anytime, anywhere on their mobile with Accent HRP’s exclusive application.
  2. Accent HRP mobile application. Empower your employees to apply for leaves/overtime and get approvals on-the-go with this application.
  3. Accessing profile/news and documents floating around the company and many more.Read More

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