Smooth process of parting ways with an employee facilitated by Accent HRP.

To ensure that things end on a good note and without any mistakes when the employee is parting ways with the organization, leverage the e-resignation module of Accent HRP.

The several features in the tool which smoothen the resignation process are as follows:

  1. Online resignation through employee self-service module.
  2. Easy passing of the resignation through multiple hierarchy like Reporting Manager, HOD and HR for approval.
  3. Clearance from all department (HR/IT/Admin/Accounts).
  4. Exit interview.
  5. Settlement slip.

With Accent HRP’s online resignation module, you can record all the leaving details of an employee and consider all the things that are mentioned below for accurate full and final settlement.

  1. Payroll-leave encashment.
  2. Notice pay/recovery.
  3. Reimbursements.
  4. Taxation.
  5. Notice pay/recovery.
  6. Salary hold and release.
  7. Bonus/Exgratia.
  8. Other earnings/deduction.
  9. Gratuity.

To establish efficient workflow procedures in your organization, get Accent HRP.


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