Employee Self Service

Let the employees take care of their responsibilities like submitting investing declarations, tax projections, etc., self-appraisal & save time of your HR team.

Amidst several things to take care of, it becomes hard for the HR department to keep following-up with employees about their important details. Save your human resources team the pain of running behind the employees asking for their details with Accent HRP.

Modern and designed as per leading industry standards, Accent HRP comes with a module of employee self-service. This feature helps both HR and employees. While employees can update their details, ask for leaves and do many other things and keep track of it, the HR department can have access to all the updated information.

Here’s a list of features of the employee self-service module in Accent HRP:

  1. Easy viewing and editing of employees’ profile and important details viz., address, contact no., etc.
  2. Uploading of necessary documents.
  3. Submission of leave application/OD and quick approval/denial.
  4. Access to all announcements/memos/news/policy documents/surveys floating in the company.
  5. Birthday/late coming/early going reminders.
  6. All records of leaves taken & remaining/attendance/pay slips in a single place.
  7. Submission of investment declarations & tax projection.
  8. Information on loan balance.
  9. Filing of travel & business expenses, grievances.
  10. Self-appraisal.

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