Payroll Management

Quick, efficient and comprehensive payroll administration and management with in-built statutory compliance.

Designed by industry experts having thorough knowledge of the domain, Accent HRP is an all-inclusive efficient Payroll management tool. It is integrated with tax management feature that assists companies across verticals of different sizes manage the complex task of calculating taxes with ease. The tool complies with the statutory guidelines and expedites the time-consuming job of payroll administration and processing.

Accent HRP’s payroll processing methodology is the reason why it is preferred by reputed corporate houses such as Singer India Ltd, JMD Group, Richa Industries Ltd, e Team Inc, Xerion Retail Pvt. Ltd, Magus Customer Dialog Pvt. Ltd, Biltech Building Elements Ltd, Savi Group, Protocol Insurance Surveyors & Loss Assessors Pvt. Ltd, Ghaziabad Precision Products Pvt. Ltd , Global Autotech Ltd, Hansol Logistics Pvt. Ltd and manyothers.

Features of Accent HRP – Payroll Management at a glance:

  1. Creation and maintenance of employee details and salary masters.
  2. Defining employees’ CTC and multiple salary heads.
  3. Organized division of pay-heads into fixed and variable which are further divided into earnings and deductions.
  4. Addition, modification, calculation of unlimited salary components.
  5. Processing of investment declarations done through the Employee Self Service module of Accent HRP.
  6. Set your own formula to calculate salary.
  7. Online submission of loan request and chapter 6A investments with document proof.
  8. Automation of manual investment declaration uploaded in .xls or .xlsx format .
  9. Automatic tax calculations along with:
    1. Tax setup.
    2. Tax slab.
    3. Exemptions.
    4. Chapter VI-A investment (80C, 80D, 80E, 80EE and 80GG).
    5. Perquisites details.
    6. Employee rent details.
    7. Income from other resources.
  10. Computation of yearly/monthly tax payable.
  11. Configuration of PF, ESI, TDS, Professional tax (PT), TDS, LWF, VF, etc.
  12. Statutory compliance to PF, ESI, PT & Income Tax acts.
  13. Generation of:
    1. Form 16.
    2. Pay slips in PDF and other formats with password protection.
    3. Various salary reports and other ones like income tax declaration, PF, ESI, etc., in a format of choice.
    4. TDS challans.
    5. Tax slips.
    6. Tax reports.
    7. Monthly/quarterly tax challans.
  14. Management of:
    1. Arrears.
    2. Voluntary PF.
    3. Reimbursements.
    4. Flexible benefit plans.
    5. Overtime & payment.
    6. Automatic loan & advance transaction in salary.
  15. Quarterly e-TDS returns (Form 24).
  16. Enhanced reports and registers.
  17. Online tax planning using tax calculator.
  18. Customized MIS reports to keep a track on company’s costing.

Final settlement can also be done smoothly with Accent HRP as it pulls in all the essential data recorded in its other modules.

You can easily perform the process and record the following:

  1. Leaving details.
  2. Notice pay/recovery.
  3. Salary hold and release.
  4. Leave encashment.
  5. Bonus/Exgratia.
  6. Other earnings/deduction.
  7. Gratuity.
  8. Settlement slip.

Furthermore salary computation also becomes an organized affair with Accent HRP as it enables an organization to define CTC and record loan/advance taken, arrears, overtime, reimbursements, etc.

Minimize the burden of payroll processing and get accurate calculations with Accent HRP. Should you want, we can customize our tool or migrate the data from another as well in alignment with your needs in a period of just 1 week.


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