Accent HRP is an industry-leading tool that automates the routine HR processes and offers full-fledged support in payroll management, recruiting employees, leave & attendance management, appraisal, reimbursement and other activities. Here are a few reasons why you should get Accent HRP to simplify the operations of your organization and aid your HR department.

Flexible & Tailored

The tool is designed by the veterans of the HR industry who know the processes like the back of their hand. They have tailored the tool and equipped it with features that meet the ever-growing requirements of a company’s HR department with ease. The tool is flexible as well and can be customized as per the scale of a company.

Statutory Expertise

Accent HRP comes with in-built statutory expertise. To ease the process of tax calculation and payroll management, the tool complies with all the statutory acts of Government of India like PF, ESI, PT, Income Tax and others.

Global Access

Employees can access their profile, fill or update their important details, declare their investment and do much more anytime and anywhere in the world with the exclusive Accent HRP mobile app.

Module Wise Pricing

Accent HRP can be customized as per your requirements. Just name the module that you need and we will be happy to mold the tool for you.


Accent HRP is absolutely secure and has multiple verification and authentication processes which one needs to go through before accessing it.

Global Leave Management

Accent HRP has an efficient systematized global leave management and attendance regularization system. It is configured to read biometrics data in real-time on its own and provide accurate analysis of employees’ leave and attendance, regardless of the number of branches a company may have.

Paperless Enviorment

Accent HRP is all about making an organization smart and what’s smarter than going paperless.

Time Effective & Cost Saving

All these amazing features can be leveraged at nominal costs and you will be able to save a lot of time of your HR team which can be utilized in other places.


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