Leave and Attendance

Amongst many other features, Accent HRP is largely known because of its efficient systematized global leave management & attendance regularization.

The tool is configured and well-integrated to read biometrics data automatically in real-time and offer accurate analysis of employees’ leave & attendance across locations. There are two different specialized modules to record employees’ leave and attendance details.

Leave module

Accent HRP’s leave module helps a company’s HR department keep an exact track of employees’ leaves (casual, sick, annual, comp off, leave without pay) and related details.

It assists with:

  1. Leave policy/type master/holiday master configuration.
  2. Multiple leave modes configuration like half day/short leave/full day.
  3. Letter templates for leave applications.
  4. Approval hierarchy management.
  5. Leaves schedule.
  6. Leaves import/carry forward .
  7. Advanced leave planning.
  8. Online leave application/approval/rejection.
  9. Online OD request/approval/rejection.
  10. Online work from home request/approval/rejection.
  11. Shift setting.
  12. Generation of various monthly/yearly leave reports like type, balance, status, encashment, etc.

With Accent HRP, you have the flexibility to define ‘n’ number names and sub-names for leaves.

Furthermore, you can also define the actions on different types of leaves for e.g.:

  1. Leaves that can be en-cashed.
  2. Maximum and minimum number of leaves that can be encashed.
  3. Number of leaves that an employee will have to forfeit in case of late arrivals.
  4. Total no. of leaves in a year .
  5. Complimentary off.

There’s an exclusive Accent HRP mobile app as well which empowers employees to update leaves, apply, check status and do much more anytime, anywhere.

Attendance module

Accent HRP’s attendance module offers huge flexibility in characterizing processes like:

  1. Master setup including leave and weekly off policy.
  2. Attendance configuration.
  3. Data validation.
  4. Shift policy configuration (late coming/early going policy).
  5. Weekly off & holiday configuration.
  6. Overtime configuration.
  7. Attendance regularization through:
    • Biometric integration (picks up attendance through any system).
    • Manual attendance upload as per daily (in/out time) and monthly (present/absent) basis.
    • Attendance correction.

Roster Management

The module also enables the HR team to generate various attendance reports like status, daily/monthly/yearly attendance summary, in/out time, overtime, absent, and many more along with duty roster sheetin a single click.

Strengthen your organization’s human resources’ leave and attendance management with Accent HRP.


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