Grievance Management

Oversee any query raised and get to know its status in real time with grievance management feature of Accent HRP.

  1. Free up the time of your Human Resources team wasted in doing tedious activities like grievance management and let them focus on other important areas with Accent HRP.
  2. A fully automated and holistic HR management system, Accent HRP allows requesting feedback, putting up a complaint and raising a query/concern. It ensures that any issue within the organization doesn’t go unnoticed and unresolved.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once a query is raised, Accent HRP allows the HR team to assign a request handler.
  2. The solution given by the designated person is recorded in the database.
  3. If the grievant is happy with the solution, the query can then be closed.
  4. If the same problem arises in the future or persists after closing, the query can be re-opened.
  5. A detailed history of the grievance can be accessed anytime on Accent HRP in the form of a report

Accent HRP empowers the HR team and the heads of the organization to ensure that there is no loopholes when it comes to satisfaction of the employees/customers.

No complaint/feedback/query/concern will skip the eye with Accent HRP.Getting grievance management off the plate of your HR team will be profitable for your organization.


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