E-Recruitment Management

Automate the recruitment process for higher work efficiency of your HR department with Accent HRP.

  1. The Human Resources department of any company has to deal with the process of posting openings, shortlisting candidates, contacting them and lining up interviews daily. How about automating the process and making their job less tedious?
  2. Get quick, get modern, get automated, get Accent HRP – the cutting-edge, end-to-end Human Resource Management tool. Designed to make the hectic HR jobs easier, Accent HRP is the brainchild of the veterans of the industry.

How does Accent HRP help with recruitment?

With Accent HRP, the recruitment process becomes more sorted. The recruitment module of the tool empowers an HR department in an organization to go step-by-step to hire an employee relevant to the job opening.

  1. The first step begins with manpower planning
  2. The HR department then raises the requisition which is followed by its approval by the concerned department.
  3. The tool then automatically maps the appropriate CVs and all that the HR department has to do is shortlist the best candidate out of the many.
  4. An interview is scheduled and the best candidate is selected
  5. Accent HRP than helps in generation of offer letter/letter of intent and record important employee details, CTC structure, etc.
  6. Lastly, the appointment letter is generated, the candidate is moved to the employee database and the requisition is closed.

This process also helps you in keeping track of the employee history in a concise manner. Accent HRP also has an exclusive on-boarding module which helps once a candidate is confirmed.

This module assists with:

  1. Candidate’s joining details
  2. Experience/relieving letters
  3. Statutory and bank details
  4. Biometric mapping
  5. KRA’s as per his/her defined job role
  6. MISC details
  7. Induction documents
  8. Assigned assets details

From small to large scale, businesses of different shapes and sizes across the country trust and recommend Accent HRP. It is fast, user-friendly and easy to understand. Accent HRP is what you need to ease the life of your HR team.


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