Appraisal Management

Customize dashboard and generate a bell curve analysis to assess and manage your employees’ performance as per your company’s KRA weightages and norms.

  1. Employee assessment process gets extremely hectic at the time of appraisal. Several companies, appraise their employees’ salaries at the beginning of the financial year and during that period, the Human Resources team have to work at a stretch. Save the Human Resource team’s precious time that is consumed in the tedious process of Appraisal through Accent HRP
  2. An exclusive tool meant to ease the life of HR professionals, Accent HRP is as comprehensive as it can get. It allows you to customize a 180 degree performance management system as per your company’s KRA (Key Result Areas) weightages and norms.
  3. It generates an accurate bell curve analysis of employees’ performance in the gone year, anytime you like. The analysis is displayed in form of 3D dashboards having various measures like readiness, potential, final rating, etc., which can be customized as well.
  4. Accent HRP helps an organization in keeping track of employees’ performance and conduct unbiased performance appraisals by the employee, reporting manager, head of department, human resource team, peers, subordinate& lastly, the final reviewer.
  5. With the help of Accent HRP, it becomes easy for the final reviewers to check the ratings, give recommendations and decide the training programs that the appraised employee must undergo to manage his/her new role with competency.
  6. Accent HRP also has a promotion module with which you can easily define CTC structure and generate promotion letters.

Some other features of Accent HRP – Appraisal at a glance

  1. Creation of appraisal template.
  2. KRA management and assignment.
  3. Appraisal graph to check improvement and degradation in performance of an employee over the year.
  4. Single view of appraisal rating across levels.
  5. Easy recording of action taken on appraisal.
  6. Quick generation of increment/termination/promotion letters.
  7. Step by step details of the appraisal procedure.
  8. Online appraisal feedback request from the employee.
  9. Multiple default reports like recruitment, appraisal, etc., for analyzing different qualities quickly.
  10. Creation of multiple appraisal levels like sub-ordinate, peer, HOD, etc., for 180 or 360-degree appraisal methods with different weightages.

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